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    50% Off Burger Platter and Pepsi at Pops Burger (Only 6$ instead of 12$)

    • One voucher works for one person
    • Multiple coupons allowed per client
    • One 6$ voucher includes a burger platter and a cup of Pepsi
    • Coupons can be used till 15.11.2013
    • VAT included

Can you even imagine nowadays life without burgers? Without burgers, french fries and Cola would constantly be lonely, forcing them to search for companions via heartfelt love letters written to notoriously hollow onion rings. Console solitary side dishes by сombining them them with this Pops Burger deal: for 6$ instead of 12$ you will get a burger platter and a cup of Pepsi. As Americans say about their burgers: "A burger should be held with two hands, much like a steering wheel". Have they ever seen the Lebanese burgers? Octopus is the only creature than can easily hold them. Hold your burger carefully with this Waffeer deal.

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