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    Iris Beach Club - $27 instead of $53 on Entrance for Two

    •    Voucher is redeemable until the 20th of August, 2012   •    Voucher is valid throughout the week (including weekends)   •    ScoopCitizens can buy multiple vouchers for themselves   •    ScoopCitizens can gift multiple vouchers for friends   •    Reservations must be made 2 days in advance   •    Voucher cannot be combined with other offers and/or promotions   •    No cash back or carry on   •    Vouchers will be sent once the deal closes (ie: When the time runs out, 1st of August, 2012)

Yes, we’re all for a sunny, lazy day at the beach during the Lebanese summer, but there are a few things that transcend a simple outing at the various beach resorts we have. 

Take for example a serene environment and a breathtaking view, overlooking the crystal-clear seas while you are immersed in an even more impressive swimming pool. We’re talking about the sophisticated Iris Beach Club.


“Iris Beach Club is where you can spend an entire day with your friends and family in an unpretentious yet quietly sophisticated setting.” –Iris

It’s all about the surroundings at Iris. Beach resorts are a dime-a-dozen, so what differentiates this exquisite beach resort from the rest? One word, environment.  A serene and relaxing atmosphere with their perfectly designed sunbeds scattered around the pool, the bar and the green grass nearby, this club is the perfect place to go when you just need to “get away from it all”.


More than just a tranquil environment, Iris Beach Club caters to singles, couples and families alike. With their gorgeous beach strip and cold pool, you can enjoy a whole day with your loved ones, whether you’re on that first date, spending some time alone or a mini-holiday with the family.

Their delicious cuisine also delivers impeccable quality. With a range of dishes like grilled octopus, pizza, watermelon and ‘halloumi’, lamb chops and more, you can be sure to experience a satisfying day out.


For $27 instead of $53, you can enjoy a stress-free day in the sun with your friends and family in a gorgeous and serene environment. Make the summer days count at Iris Beach Club!

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