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Black Gold

Genre: Drama
Cast: Tahar Rahim, Mark Strong and Antonio Banderas
Director: Jean-Jacques Annaud
Rating: Rated R for disturbing violence, language and brief drug use.
Released: 8 December 2011
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Under the unforgiving desert sky, two warring leaders come face to face on the battlefield. The victorious Nesib, Emir of Hobeika, lays down his peace terms to his rival Amar, Sultan of Salmaah: that neither may lay claim to the area of no man’s land between them called The Yellow Belt. To safeguard the agreement, Nesib will “adopt” Amar’s two boys Saleeh and Auda. Years later, Nesib is visited by an American oil man from Texas. He tells the Emir that his land is blessed with oil and promises him riches beyond his imagination. Nesib imagines a realm of infinite possibility, a kingdom with roads, schools and hospitals all paid for by the black gold beneath the barren sand. There is only one problem. The precious oil is located in the Yellow Belt.

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