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    52% Off an Outdoor Activity Voucher with Sports 4 Life, (Only $12 instead of $25)

    • You get: 1 of 3 outdoor activity packages: caving and rock climbing, rappelling and rock climbing, or hiking
    • Ongoing activities every Saturday and Sunday; call beforehand to find out!
    • If you’re a group of 8 or more you can choose the day of your outdoor adventure
    • Enjoy the beauty of nature in Lebanon
    • Activities that make you appreciate fresh air and your body’s abilities
    • Safety comes first with Sports 4 Life’s trained guides
    • Schedule details: - Saturdays: Caving + Climbing - Sundays: Hiking (Call Sports 4 life for weekly updates)

Bored of treadmill tedium and the repetitive motion of weight lifting? Better you spend your time doing something with purpose that challenges the body and the mind. Let nature be your gym and discover Lebanon all over again with Sports 4 Life! Today’s deal gets you 52% off an outdoor activity voucher for caving and climbing, rappelling and climbing, or hiking! Go head to head against Mother Nature! Think you’ve got what it takes? Only one way to find out!

Go Ahead, Make My Day

Busy organizing a wide range of outdoor activities all year ‘round, the highly trained and experienced staff at Sports 4 Life offer the highest quality of service while strictly enforcing safety procedures and regulations. Experience scenes of natural beauty found only in Lebanon while you’re toughing it out in the wild! Today’s deal is for 1 of 3 outdoor activity packages; you could go caving and climbing, rappelling and rock climbing, or hiking! Sports 4 Life visits many different sites in Lebanon for outdoor activities including Belou3 Tannourine, the Tannourine or Sannine Reserves, the Qadisha Valley, and others. Rest assured that wherever you end up, it’s going to be a challenge, and you’ll rise to the occasion!

5 Benefits of Outdoor Recreation

1. Good for the mind: Outdoor recreation has psychological benefits, including the prevention or reduction of stress; improved self-esteem, confidence and creativity; spiritual growth; and an increased sense of exhilaration, adventure and challenge from life.
2. Good for the body: Getting outside provides physical benefits, such as aerobic, cardiovascular and muscular fitness, as well as improved functioning of the immune system.
3. Even better for your social life: The great outdoors afford social benefits like bonding with like-minded people who enjoy outdoor activities and feeling an increased pride in your community and nation.
4. Good for the economy: Outdoor recreation pays off with economic benefits too: People who regularly participate in outdoor recreation tend to be more productive at work. Outdoor recreation creates job opportunities for others, which leads to economic growth. And the preservation of the natural areas needed for outdoor recreation increases property values.
5. Great for the great outdoors: Outdoor recreation provides environmental benefits, including increased environmental awareness. Concern that results from outdoor recreation can lead to increased involvement in environmental issues.

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