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There are those, and they’re a majority, that always see the cup as half full. Brace yourselves naysayers, we’re here to change the way you think! More is always better right? Which is why today’s deal gets you DOUBLE! Now and for a limited time only get 50% off Makhsoom credit! Deposit $5 in your Makhsoom account and get $10 instead! A deal like no other, and why? Because your cup is ALWAYS half full with Makhsoom!

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Always happy to help out our fellow Makhsoomers, we hope you’ll all take advantage of this rare opportunity to get yourself some more buying power. You wouldn’t want to fall behind would you? It’d be embarrassing if you did. In fact, if you miss out on this one we may have to revoke your title as Makhsoomer and demote you to something less prestigious. So! Get it while it’s hot, deals like this come once every blue moon!

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