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    69% Off 1 Hour Session Energy Healing or Mental Empowerment at Harmony, Hamra (Only $17 instead of $55)

    • You get: 2 options to choose from
    • Option 1: Energy Healing Session for 1 hour for $17
    • Option 2: Mental Empowerment Session for 1 hour for $17
    • Take control of your mental thoughts that affect your everyday life style

" Life's tough, live with it", that's what we're always told. Despite that, life often leaves us scarred or victims of difficult situations. It's taking control of your mental thoughts that allow you to overcome these obstacles with relative ease. And that's what makhsoom's deal is all about. At a 69% off, get a 1 hour energy healing or mental empowerment session for only $17 offered by Harmony in Hamra!

Holistic Empowerment for Mind, Body & Soul
The real secret to achieving success is tapping into your personal power. You might already know that you are capable of so much more than what you were programmed to believe and it is this potential that Harmony seeks to unleash!  Learn to effectively use your energy system and the power of your  subconscious mind to improve your health, release stress, achieve your goals, and live life with passion! 

Mental empowerment session
Are you stressed, unhappy, feel stuck? Do you have any negative beliefs and feelings that limit your potential. Do you want to take control of your thoughts and imporve the quality of your life? These sessions include powerful techniques to enable you to quickly achieve the change you desire. 
Energy healing session
Energy healing is a proven valuable holistic healing and relaxation tool for improving mind and body. It It is beneficial for all levels of healing from physical illness to mental and emotional healing. In this relaxing and peaceful session, balance and harmony are achieved.
See the website for more information about the two sessions.

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