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    50% Off Two 2012 Calendars by Zeina Gabriel, AUB (Only $5 instead of $10)

    • You get: Two 2012 Calendars by Zeina Gabriel
    • Pick up from AUB (AUB Press, College Hall, B2) between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm weekdays
    • Call or e-mail before coming to collect your calendars

These days digital has definitely taken over but some things are better left to tangible reality. Who doesn’t appreciate the weight of wooden pencil in hand, the smell of a new book, the pleasure of turning an actual page, and of course, marking the days off your calendar. At 50% off for only $5 get two 2012 Calendars by Zeina Gabriel!

Days Slip On By
Accompanied by beautiful photos of nature, inspirational quotes, and remarking the full moon every month, the 2012 calendar by Zeina Gabriel is a nice addition to any room or office. Get yours today and take pleasure in marking off the days at the start of the New Year!

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