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    50% Off Waffles, Coffee & Drinks Off The Menu from Maison de la Gaufre, Zaitunay Bay / Hamra (Only $5 instead of $10)

    • Only $5 for $10 worth of Waffles, Coffee & Drinks Off The Menu at Maison de la Gaufre
    • Indulge your senses with their exceptional delicious waffles along to a wide selection of chocolates & toppings
    • Their Fourée Chocolate Waffles & Liége Chocolate Waffles are a must try
    • Sweet and delicious treats that’s sure to win your taste buds
    • Offers waffles that are always newly made and guaranteed fresh off the pan making each of your waffle experience, truly unforgettable
    • Distinct flavors made from the finest and most luxurious coffee beans
    • Savory delicious & tasteful coffee offer
    • Uses only the highest quality ingredients in each dessert
    • With pleasant and accommodating staff that’s always ready to assist
    • 10% cash-back reward on the first coupon & 5% on the following 4 coupons! Click here for more info

One of the best smells to wake up to is the smell of waffles cooking. Not everyone can experience this though because not everyone has a waffle maker at home or a mom who can make a great waffle batter whose great smell could actually wake you from your slumber. Experience great tasting waffles nonetheless whether in the morning, afternoon, or evening, with today’s deal. Maison de la Gaufre is a waffle company that markets a growing line of packaged fresh and frozen waffles. Their aim is to provide the customers with a range of finest quality ready waffles, through commitment to innovation, service and value in a mutually profitable relationship.

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