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    50% off 4 Stretching Sessions from MPT Studio Health & Fitness, Furn El Shebbak (Only $20 instead of $40)

    • 10% cash-back reward on the first 1 coupon & 5% on the following 4 coupons! Click here for more info
    • 4 complete body stretching Sessions
    • Once a week: Tuesday at 5:00 PM or Friday at 5:00 PM
    • Benefits of stretching:
      • Increased Circulation
      • Flexibility
      • Increased Range of Motion
      • Reduce Stress
      • Alleviate Lower Back Pain
    • What you'll love
      • They take care of your posture during exercising ensuring your safety at all time
      • Discover the feeling like at home training
      • Calm ambiance and music
      • Spacious & private studio
      • Clean and well ventilated
      • Natural day light is a plus
      • Enjoy very deep stretching and help your body relax and regain health

Joining a fitness studio gives you the opportunity to work out as much as you want, much like getting locked in a stairwell. Step up your exercise routine with today's deal. 

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