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    50% Off Allen Carr's Easyway® to Stop Smoking Lebanon Seminar from Allen Carr's, Verdun ($240 instead of $480)

    • 10% cash-back reward on the first 1 coupon & 5% on the following 4 coupons! Click here for more info
    • Quit Smoking Program
    • Six hours group seminar
    • Two back-up sessions if required
    • What you'll love
      • Endorsed by celebrities
      • Sold 11 million worldwide
      • Established for 30 years in 50 countries and available in 30 languages
      • World famous quit smoking program: Allen Carr’s Easyway® method
      • Uses simple cognitive therapy based on the idea that smokers develop distorted thinking, perceiving false benefits of smoking
      • Demonstrates that these perceptions are illusions and there are no genuine benefits to smoking
      • Replaces false beliefs with positive and empowering ones
      • Their approach aim to change how you feel about smoking so that stopping becomes easy and enjoyable and you don’t end up feeling that you are missing cigarettes
      • No drugs, gimmicks or gain weight
      • Friendly & hospitable atmosphere
    • For questions, please call: 76-789555 or email: stopsmoking@allencarr.com.lb

Quitting smoking leaves your lungs healthier and also leaves you with a bunch of ashtrays that you can turn into helmets for your pet. Get a head start on kicking the habit with today's deal.

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