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    50% Off 70 min. Deluxe Package For Men from Mystic Asian Massage, Hazmieh (Only $27.50 instead of $55)

    • Choose Between Three Options:
    • $30 for a 60 min. Thai or Swedish Massage ($60 value)
    • $27.50 for a 70 min. Deluxe Package For Men ($55 value)
      • Includes: 1-Hour Oil Massage, Hot Towels or Body Scrub
    • $47.50 for a 1-Hour & 40 min. VIP Package For One ($95 value)
      • Includes: 1-Hour Oil Massage or Bamboo Massage, Body Scrub, Hot Towels, Hot Stones & Sauna Access
    • Relieves muscle tension and joint stiffness
    • Increases relaxation
    • Reduces formation of scar tissue which can restrict movement
    • Finest oils and lotions, with special lighting, music, decor, and textiles throughout their lounge to complete the comfortable, lavish environment and enhance the client’s overall Mystic experience
    • All of their Masseuses female are licensed, certified, and have extensive experience and education in the art of Asian massage therapy and energy work
    • Luxuriant surroundings provide a comfortable & serene environment
    • 5% cash-back reward on the first 5 purchases! Click here for more info

A healthy mind in a healthy body is the most any of us can ask for, besides a genius mind in a 50-foot-tall robo body. Coddle your body with today's deal. Escape for an hour or two into bliss, and let the calming ambiance and scents of Mystic Asian Massage Spa envelope your senses. Within a few minutes of their massage package, the tension in your limbs will slowly ease under the massage therapist’s expert hands as you’re put into a heavenly state of relaxation.

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