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    50% Off Frank Wurst Hotdog Combo from Frank Wurst (Only $4.7 instead of $9.4)

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    • Frank Wurst Hotdog Combo, includes:
    • Hotdog
    • Frank fries
    • Softdrink
    • Banana Sweet
    • Can be used at any Frank Wurst location: Furn El Chebbak, Saloumi, Kfardebian on St. Antonio hotel, Jbeil old souk, Kaslik, Jeita facing NDU, Jounieh highway, Dbayeh highway & Gemmayze
    • What you'll love
      • Leading Lebanese hotdog sandwiches chain
      • Operating in different locations throughout Lebanon
      • Savory, freshly served sandwiches
      • High quality procedure & products used
      • Real bio meat, 100% offal-free & bone free
      • Fresh crunchy hotdogs
      • You can choose from 100% halal-certified meat or non-halal meat
      • Friendly & accommodating staff

As European immigrants flocked to the Midwest in the mid-nineteenth century, they brought along hotdog-making traditions to feed their families and to provide a flexible framework for workday corset. Stuff your own shirt with hotdog with today's deal.

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