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    50% Off Food & Drinks Off The Menu from E Resto By Encore Seaview, Okaibe Highway (Only $8 instead of $16)

    • Only $8 for $16 worth of Food & Drinks Off The Menu
    • Encore Sea View is spread over 10,000 square meters and features an outdoor tennis court, an indoor tennis court, 2 indoor full sized football courts, 2 basket ball courts 1 of which is indoor, 2 outdoor volleyball courts, 2 pools, beach volleyball courts and a kids play ground
    • Free access to the playground for kids under 13 years old
    • The play ground boasts 2 trampolines, plastic playing house, 2 see saws, a merry go round, water slide and swings
    • Karaoke is held every Thursday night
    • All dishes are prepared using high-quality, fresh ingredients based on innovative and authentic recipes
    • 10% cash-back reward on the first coupon & 5% on the following 4 coupons! Click here for more info

Sharing a meal out strengthens family bonds in a civilized way, unlike invading the neighborhood block party and laying siege to the bounce castle. Subjugate your hunger with today's deal. A place where good food and refreshing drinks are aplenty. All you’ll need to top it off is good company, so just bring your friends and family with you and you’re sure to have a great time.

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