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    50% Off Beach Pass from Puncho Beach, Amchit (Only $5 instead of $10)

    • Beach Pass
    • What you'll love
      • Located in Amchit (El Helweh), Puncho is a mixture of different cultures
      • Offers a swimming Pool with a warm and magnificent atmosphere with a landscaping area and amenities for the whole family
      • Hawaiian style outdoor lounge
      • The modern bamboo and palms teleport you to a unique, relaxing and smoothing place
      • Enjoy the sea breeze and it's inviting crystal clear waters
      • High standards of amenities, cleanliness, excellent food service, beautiful landscape and serene setting
      • Friendly & Accommodating staffs
      • Good summer getaway
    • 10% cash-back reward on the first coupon & 5% on the following 4 coupons! Click here for more info

When beaches were new and abundant, people preferred to rest and relax in urban settings like concrete jungles and asphalt forests. Find a modern place of recreation with today’s deal. The indoor restaurant/pub assures a romantic cozy mood, with its outstanding Bar containing every drink you ever dreamt to taste. The outdoor is what we called Hawaiian style. The modern bamboo and palms teleport you to a unique, relaxing and s place. Come and taste our fresh sea food in addition to a large variety of American and Lebanese cuisine.
When it comes to relaxation & unwinding in its beautiful white sands, Puncho is the place to be.

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