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    52% Off Food & Beverage at 961 Restaurant, Jounieh (Only $12 instead of $25)

    • You get: $25 worth of Food & Beverages From 961 Restaurant Menu
    • Narguileh not included in the offer
    • Outdoor seating
    • Special event each Saturday

You can never get enough of the delicious Lebanese cuisine Lebanon has to offer. But every once in a while, we could use something different with but with top quality of international cuisine. With today's offer, you can taste international cuisine at its best. At 53% off, get $25 worth of F&B for only $12 at 961 Restaurant.

The Truth Behind the Numbers
Behing every number, hides a meaning, an event, a history.
Only 961, reflects exposure, diversity and taste. It's the code of a land with stories & tales of different civilizations, cultures, historical marks, and most of all rich cuisines!
With only three numbers, you can access a world of mixed flavors. Through carefully and skillfully chosen substances put together, we introduce to you to several traditional & non-traditional fusions, inspired by cuisines from all over the world.
As selection of most loved & worthy of discovery sensations dialing all five senses, in an exquisite and unforgettable experience, that makes it even more satisfying & exciting.

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