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    Rafting Squad

    Overnight Rafting Adventure in Hermil

Dodging traffic and trekking from one 'hood to another has its thrills but there's nothing like overcoming rapids and navigating the Lebanese countryside to really get the adrenaline going. Pay $59 (regularly $118) for an overnight rafting trip for one person from the Rafting Squad. This rural adventure begins at 1:30 with a bus shuttle exodus from the city. Once in Hermil, set up camp in your tent provided by RS. Pack your sleeping bag and your guitar to add a little ambiance. There is an optional nature walk in the morning before breakfast, so stretch those legs before strapping into your water chariot for a two-hour aqua adventure you won't soon forget. Internationally-certified trainers will lead groups of up to 200 through white water rapids while first aid personal keeps a watchful eye. Return to Beirut with a newfound appreciation for more titillating exploits that make rush hour seem like much less of an undertaking. Nab today's family deal for everyone and share a bonding rush that will keep you all afloat.

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