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    66% Off Full Body Pain FREE Radar Diode Laser from Svelte Center ($300 instead of $900)

    • 66% Off on One Pain Free Full Body Diode Laser or on any part of your body
    • New technology and very fast technique; takes only 45 minutes to complete a Full Body session
    • Licensed Esthetician and Certified laser technician
    • Not for pregnant or breastfeeding women, not for people with tattoos in the area to be treated
    • Several sessions needed for effective permanent reduction of hair
    • You instantly earn 5% Cashback Bonus in your account

Achieving silky smooth and beautifully bare skin does not need to be painful.  Spare yourself from daily shaving, painful plucking and expensive waxing with today’s deal from Svelte Healthy Living Centre. Laser hair removal treatment removes unwanted hair by exposing the skin to pulses of laser light that destroys the hair follicle.  This absorption raises the temperature of the hair follicle and thermally destroys the cells responsible for regrowth. Svelte Healthy Living Centre will help eliminate hair growth through pain free treatment while leaving your surrounded skin undamaged. Founded in 2007, Svelte is not just a clinic for weight loss.  Aside from Nutritional Counseling, their services highly complement each other and work together to nourish your body, mind and spirit, helping you find or restore the balance you need to live your life to your fullest potential.  They also offer fitness classes, life coaching, personal training and a lot more.Before Your Laser Hair Removal

Stay out of the sun. Avoid tanning for at least a month before treatment Refrain from plucking or waxing for at least 2-4 weeks prior to undergoing laser hair removal Avoid removing hair by the roots (tweezing, waxing, etc) for at least 6 weeks before your treatment.

After Your Laser Hair Removal

Apply cold soothing gel Avoid unprotected sun exposure Treat your skin with care for the next 24 hours. Avoid hot bath or shower Avoid harsh chemicals

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