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    50% Off Mussels, Fries, & Entrées Special Menu from Moules Et Frites, Achrafieh ($12.5 instead of $25)

    • $12.5 for Mussels & Fries Special Menu for 1 Person from Moules Et Frites
    • Entrée: Hot Bread (Cereal & White) with Butter, Black Olives, Olive paste, Balsamic Dip & Olive oil.
    • 1 Cocotte of 500grams Mussels with sauce of your choice (Provençales, Marinière, à la Dijonnaise, Roquefort, de Beyrouth)
    • Open French Fries served with Homemade Ketchup & Hot Cheddar Cheese Dip
    • Cozy restaurant, great service & superb food
    • Scrumptious mussels served with tasty dips
    • Opening Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 11:00AM – 12:00PM
    • You instantly earn 5% Cashback Bonus in your account

Bend your head over a bowl of mussels and open French fries prepared in ways to please all tastes with today’s deal from Moules Et Frites: 50% Off Mussels & Fries Special Menu from Moules Et Frites, Achrafieh ($12.5 instead of $25)

Moules Et Frites - a very interesting and authentic restaurant in Achrafieh that specializes in luscious mussels and lip-smacking French fries.  Mussels are served in authentic cocottes with freshly made delicious sauces while their Mediterranean entrée is just as yummy as their wide variety of dips that adds more flavor and texture to their food. Service is great and friendly and staff sees to it that food is excellently prepared, presented and every mouthful is wonderful.

Moules-frites is a classic and popular dish consisting of fresh mussels and fries that is crispy and golden in the outside but fluffy and tender within.  The dish originated in Belgium but also popular in France. The title of the dish is French, Moules meaning mussels and frites (fries) with the Dutch name for the dish meaning the same.

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The Company Moules Et Frites

Phone: 71 708 811 Moules Et Frites on FB

AchrafiehSalah Labaki StreetLebanon

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