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    55% off Your Choice of Sandwich + 1 Regular Drink + 1 Shot at Y Cocktail Bar ($10 instead of $22)

    • Get $22 worth of your choice of sandwich, 1 regular drink and a shot at Y Cocktail Bar for only $10
    • A variety of delicious drinks, shots and sandwiches served
    • Sandwiches include; emmental & turkey, mozzarella & pesto, brie sundried tomato & rocca
    • Extraordinary nightlife, hosts all kinds of music, Dj events and live unplugged evenings
    • Happy Hour from 6pm till 9pm
    • Parking lot and Valet Parking available
    • Reservation required on weekends
    • Y Cocktail Bar welcomes you Tuesday to Sunday from 6 PM till 3 AM
    • Earn 20 points upon purchasing this deal

Today's deal is for everyone who doesn't want to repeat the same routine of last week! Just call your friends, set a date and enjoy a fun night out! For only $10 instead of $22, experience the place where a new generation of cocktails are served in an entertaining, fashionable, musical, partying and pubbing space at Y Cocktail Bar! Coupons valid until December 09, 2013.

Gemmayze is one of the self-proving places here in Lebanon. Talk about night life, talk about good food, or even a simple enjoyable walk, Gemmayze tops them all! However, if you're still in need of more convincing, we got you just the place to visit! Y Cocktail Bar is, as the name suggests, is the king of cocktails! Unswervingly inventive, cocktails at Y Cocktail Bar are now even more affordable! That's not all! With the three mixtures of Exotic Rum, the colorful hints of lime, orange and grapefruit juice and a slash of spice syrup, there comes an amazing mix of music! From oldies to new generation and house music, from Live DJs who keep the atmosphere upbeat and live unplugged evenings on Thursdays, fun has been redefined! While you're at it, a sandwich to your liking can be served and it will tickle your taste buds that will just complete your pubbing experience. Don't ask why, ask Y not?! Choose your company and enjoy a memorable night with a very friendly staff who is well informed about all matters drink-related.


With today's deal, nothing is required; just your dance moves, smiles and this amazing 55% off!

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