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    50% off Your Choice of Drinks and Appetizers from the Menu at Marvel's Pub ($10 for $20 value)

    • $20 worth of your choice of drinks and appetizers from the menu of Marvel's Pub for $10 only
    • A delicious variety of drinks and appetizers available
    • Extraordinary nightlife, hosts all kinds of music
    • Valid for ages 18 and above
    • Marvel's welcomes you everyday from 8:00 PM till 2:00 AM
    • Earn 20 point upon purchasing this deal

Spice up your nightlife and let the good times roll! Head to the famous Marvel's pub located in the historical city of Jbeil/Byblos and fullfil all your senses from great sight seeing to entertaining music with $20 worth of delicious appetizers and mouthwatering drinks from the menu for only $10! Coupons valid until September 5, 2013. 

Jbeil/Byblos is one of Lebanon's favorite historical spots, and lately it has been famous for its one of a kind nightlife. Many old style restaurants, renovated resto/pubs and unique nightclubs have been drastically increasing in number in Byblos. Marvel's lies in the middle of Jbeil's historical old souks where fun and good times never end. Get the chance to spend a festive night while you mingle with tourists and locals and listen to entertaining music over some drinks and appetizers. 


Don't let your summer end without giving yourself the chance to experience Byblos nightlife with Marvel's, today at 50% off!

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