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    56% off Website Development Package at Joe Dandy ($200 instead of $450)

    • $200 for a website development
    • Professional & talented web designers
    • HTML website + flash components + design and development of 5 pages + 30 pictures gallery + domain name & hosting
    • Appealing website that generates traffic
    • Coupons emailed on June 5, 2012


Visitors only spend an average of 3 seconds on a web page before deciding whether to stay on it or not. For only $200, create the greatest visual impact that will turn curious pass-bys into loyal customers with a complete website development and design valued at $450 at Joe Dandy. Coupon valid until August 10, 2012.

Joe Dandy is an online service that allows web-minded entrepreneurs to dream up a website for their business and execute their high-tech goal in the least amount of time. Websites are a mirror image of your business; they need to be appealing and attractive to generate traffic. Graphic design is an art that enables you to empower your website with text, pictures, video presentations and more. Joe Dandy's team of experienced graphic specialists and web developers will give birth to your fully-functional interactive website.

Today’s deal will give your business the boost it needs with 56% off a website development package. Joe Dandy will offer an HTML website with flash components in addition to the design and development of 5 pages, a gallery of 30 pictures, the domain name and hosting, all for just $200!

Pay only 44% with today’s goSawa deal and ensure 100% profit later!

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