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    58% off 2 tanning sessions (12 minutes each) at Exedra Beauty Clinic ($10 instead of $24)

    • $10 instead of $24 for 2 tanning sessions at Exedra Beauty Clinic
    • Get the tanning oil/cream at a discounted $5
    • 12 minutes/session
    • UV light tanning beds
    • Specialized staff
    • Variety of Beauty & Fitness services
    • Ladies only beauty clinic


It’s just too hot to sit outside as Lebanon’s summer heat is on the rise and it somehow seems impossible to lie out tanning in the scorching sun. Today, goSawa has a tanning deal guaranteed to keep you cool and give you the sun-worthy tan you’re looking for. Get your glow on and look great in all of your summer attire with today’s deal. For only $10, get 2 tanning sessions at Exedra Beauty Clinic. Coupon valid for 2 visits until November 17, 2011.

Whether you want to work on your base tan or enhance your current tan, there are tanning sessions right for you at Exedra. The skilled staff will help you choose the best option for your skin type. Tanning beds at the salon use UV light to give you the tan you want in a fraction of the time a traditional tan takes. After the 12-minute session, you'll have a tan that will last up to two weeks.

Located in Choueifat, Exedra Beauty Clinic offers a wide range of beauty and wellness services. It has its own special interior designs where its advanced machines, comfortable environment, and professional services make you feel right at home. Enjoy all the caring and treatments done in comfy private rooms through its friendly and experienced staff who will answer all your questions. Exedra’s specialized and effective services include plastic and reconstructive surgery, facial, teeth, and hair treatments, hair removal, mesotherapy, slimming, body cellulite treatment, and lymphatic drainage, in addition to vascular pathology to heal leg veins, as well as burn scar and wound scar treatment.  Exedra makes sure you leave looking and feeling your best.

Work on your golden bronze suntan at Exedra and enjoy a relaxing tanning experience. With this deal, maintain the "just got back from my beach vacation" look throughout the summer.

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