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    70% off Energy Healing or Mental Empowerment Session at Harmony ($15 instead of $50)

    • Choose a 1-hour Energy Healing or Mental Empowerment Session
    • Release Emotion & Physical Blocks
    • Most effective techniques in the area of personal development & holistic healing
    • Learn to use your energy system & the power of your subconscious mind
    • Discover the secrets to achieve your full potential
    • Official representative of the "Self Mastery Learning Center" of Malaysia in Lebanon


Who hasn’t listened to Fairuz during the early morning drive to work? The soft music and soothing voice helps to inspire relaxation, but how can we actually achieve this enlightened state of calm? If Fairuz’s music hasn’t quite brought you zen (and Beirut traffic isn’t helping), regain your balance with today’s therapeutic deal.  For $15, ditch the stress and unify your body, mind, and spirit with your choice of a 1-hour Energy Healing Session or Mental Empowerment Session from Harmony ($50 value). Coupon valid until January 15, 2012.

Harmony (Holistic Empowerment for Mind, Body & Soul) offers a variety of Services and Courses which include the most effective tools to facilitate your personal development and empower you to discover your full potential. Services include Quantum touch, Reiki, energy healing techniques, NLP & Mental empowerment sessions, EFT, Touch for Health, Life-Coaching, Self-empowerment workshops, Yoga, Macrobiotics, Enneagram consultations, Self mastery courses, Art of living, reflexology, inspirational and educational films, and more. Tap into your personal power and enjoy success, improved health, inner peace and abundance.

HealingA Healing Touch

Energy healing has become a proven valuable holistic healing and relaxation tool for improving mind and body. A Reiki / Quantum Touch healing session is ideal for releasing stress, tension and discomfort by helping the body restore its energetic balance. It is a completely natural healing method that complements conventional medicine and other healing modalities, accelerating the body, mind and spirit’s healing process. The session augments a strong, powerful flow of life energy to sustain health and vitality.

Energy healing is beneficial for all levels of healing from physical illness, to mental and emotional healing. It also provides an excellent form of preventive medicine for those who are essentially healthy. So even if you do not feel you are in need of any healing, the relaxation of the session is revitalizing and centering.

During the session, you will lay fully clothed, while the certified practitioner places their hands gently on or above non-invasive areas of the body. In this relaxing and peaceful healing session, balance and harmony are created. Blissful relaxing music is played, while you enter in this safe relaxed state, your brain waves slow down and your thoughts become clearer. The session lasts about one hour.

Empower your Mind


Are you ready to take control of your life? Are you stressed? Do you have a negative mental or emotional issue you would like to overcome? Do you want to feel more positive and in control of your behaviors and feelings, and improve the quality of your life? The mental empowerment sessions provide a combination of powerful techniques from many different proven sources of knowledge; such as NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and mental power skills.

The combination of the latest modern day skills as well as tools from ancient knowledge are powerful and deliver fast results. Sessions are tailored to your specific needs to help you achieve the change you desire. The results are obtained in a fraction of the time of other more expensive therapies. Since not all knowledge is contained in one system, this combination makes these sessions unique and effective.

Caring for your mind & body is the best gift you can give yourself. Empower yourself with today's deal.

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