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    Three-Hour Rowing Class For Two People

    Three-hour rowing for two people including row rental and monitors

They say “real athletes row, everyone else just plays games”, and today you’ll get to experience that for yourself. Not only does propelling a rowboat reap advantage of physical strength and total-body fitness, but it also shapes up self discipline and sculptures one’s endurance. Have a course in life coaching as you get to the bottom of balancing, sculling, stroking, proper breathing and feathering the blade guided by trustworthy monitors at O Club who will teach you the basics of rowing and incite you to circle around the water. Being a non-weight bearing sport, this recreational outdoors activity provides a superior and intensive workout for all major muscle groups of the human body, exercising biceps, triceps, legs, back and abdominal muscles as the rower works its way backwards through the waters. Huffing, puffing and sweating are side dishes to the beauty of steering a skiff to safety shore and the rewarding feeling it gives knowing one has reached the end of the journey… victorious. O Club promotes getting one with Mother Nature, and aims at bringing everyone in sync with mountains, forests, water and trails through self-awareness and active group dynamics. The eco-friendly club showcases engaging ways to get you a step closer to nature with a plethora of activities such as climbing, hiking, camping, canoeing, skiing, snowboarding and cycling.

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