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    A Consultation Including Body Index Tests and a Customized Diet from Diet Center

    A Consultation including Body Index tests and a Customized Diet from Diet Center

It can be difficult to know exactly what your body needs without consulting with an expert. Sometimes it’s like no matter what you do to get into shape, it just isn’t working. That means there’s a problem with your approach to food or exercise. Become the best version of yourself with a consultation including Body Index Tests and a customized diet from Diet Center.

Created in Lebanon over 20 years ago, Diet Center was the first in the Middle East to respond to the growing need of healthy food options that are both cost and time efficient. The concept of the center is to control the amount of fat and sugar in a meal in addition to coming up with the right portion size, and insuring that there are no chemicals or additives. The goals of Diet Center go beyond just helping people lose weight, as their main ambition has always been showing the Middle East that a healthier lifestyle is very much achievable. With branches in four different countries around the Middle East and a successful business including meals, clinics and outreach programs to educate places like schools, Diet Center aims to be the future of food.

Eat Yourself Fabulous

Once you use your Nabit, try one of their meals from the Menu a la Carte and see for yourself how great their food really is. Pair a delicious Aphrodite Salad (Kcal 210) with a mouth-watering Turkey Sandwich (Kcal 260) and finish off with some scrumptious Chocolate Mousse (Kcal 150) that you don’t have to feel guilty about. Once you try their food, you’ll realize that eating healthy isn’t as difficult as you thought it was.

Change your life and nab this deal today.

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