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    80% OFF Bullet Ashtray(Pay $2 Instead of $10)

    - Deal is valid immediately after purchase (No need to wait till the deal ends)
    - Office Pickups are accessible from Monday till Friday between 9:00 till 7:00 Saturday between 9:00 till 2:00
    Office Pickups are made for ordered product’s samples checking.
    - Delivery of the products is available for an extra charge: Check Delivery Charges.
    - You can pick up the product from Deal Office in Hamra.
    - You can buy several deals
    - Limited Quantity
    - Items are only booked once payments are confirmed
    - Deal valid until 15 days from purchase day.
    - Paid Vouchers or Items Cannot be exchanged with any other different Item
    - No Cash Back
    - This deal will end early if the quantity ends
    Vouchers are valid For 15 days after purchasing

An ashtray is a receptacle for ash and butts from cigarettes and cigars.

It's a really nice ashtray of a perched Bullet.

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