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    50% OFF Special Fruity duck basket, at

    1. Deal valid until July 15, 2013.
    2. May buy 1 deal per person.
    3. Reservation is required 48 hour before.
    4. The voucher is Non-Refundable.
    5. VAT included in price.
    6. Dealis active once it's purchased.
    7. Delivery included in the package all over Beirut (free of charge).
    5. Deal includes: fruit duck basket arranged with seasonal fruits.

No More Flowers, Welcome to Fruits like Flower Bouquets
Chose your favorite (seasonal) fruits and/or vegetables to arrange your tasty, delicious, yummy bouquet(s) on an occasion and/or event.
Booking should be done at least before 48 hours. Orders are made fresh daily.

Business Info

Beirut, Hadath, Saint therese, behind Saint George hospital

Phone: 05-460478
Mobile: 03-592767

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