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    50% OFF DH8 DETOX & HEALING PADS (Pay $7 instead of $14)

    - Deal is valid immediately after purchase (No need to wait till the deal ends)
    - Office Pickups are accessible from Monday till Friday between 9:30 till 7:00
    Saturday between 9:00 till 2:00
    Office Pickups are made for ordered product’s samples checking.
    - Delivery of the products is available for an extra charge: 2$ inside Beirut, 10$ for Greater Beirut, and 20$ for other location in Lebanon.
    - You can pick up the product from Deal Office in Hamra.
    - You can buy several deals
    - Limited Quantity
    - This deal will end early if the quantity ends

Detox & Healing Pads
8 x Pads

DH8 Pads are made from totally natural tree and wood extracts. It is the culmination of centuries of knowledge know to chines traditional medicine and reflexology down through the generations.

The miracle pads, live healthier, live happier!

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