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    Sisley Watches

    1. 50% off Sisley watches Only for (113$ INSTEAD OF 227$) at kourani accessories.

    2. Kourani opens at :- 09:30 am - 08:00 pm ( Monday till Saturday)

    3. Sundays are off.

50% off Sisley Watches only for (113$ INSTEAD OF 227$) at Kourani Accessories. Sisley watches : Sisley watch-company was founded in 1968. the same year the products made by Sisley were firstly released: woman's wear “Denim”. Elegant, audacious and sexual dresses attracted everybody's attention. At this time the target group of customers was defined. Italian concern Benetton Group in 1974 having estimated the potential of a newly-made brand decided to by exclusive rights for Sisley's name using, thanks to which Sisley trade mark became wildly-recognized.

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