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    Benetton Watches

    1. 50% off Benetton watches Only for (40$$ INSTEAD OF 80$) at kourni accessories.

    2. Kourani opens at :- 09:30 am - 08:00 pm ( Monday till Saturday)

    3. Sundays are off.

50% off Benetton Watches only for (40$$ INSTEAD OF 80$) at Kourani Accessories. Benetton watches : Benetton Group looks ahead with the young eyes of the future. Its story is built on innovation and seeing where others fail to see. Always at the cutting edge - with colour, with its sales outlet revolution, with an absolutely unique production and commercial network and with a universal form of communication, creating both a phenomenon and cultural debate - Benetton was global before globalisation, but in its own way.

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