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    Jet Boat

    1.70% off Jet Boat with Jet Adventure Movenpick for only ($75 per hour Instead of $250) .

    2. Print out your voucher once you complete your purchasing, your serial number should match those of the restaurant, so your voucher become valid.

    3.Sundays off.

70% off Jet Boat with Jet Adventure Movenpick for only ($75 per hour Instead of $250) Jet Adventure in Lebanon is the must-do experience for thrill seeking tourists, combining adrenaline inducing high speed manoeuvres in spectacular locations. Jet Adventure Trip travel under the Raoucheh Rock,Al Manara ( Beirut Kornish ) and Ramlet El Baida. With 24 seats in grandstand seating everyone gets a view ! Jet Adventure has the latest in Hamilton technology coupled with unique sea jet boat design that sports the fastest sea jet of its kind.The Twin 300HP turbocharged and supercharged engines will thrill you with 30 minutes of heart pumping action, quick turns, sweeping fish tails and power break stop make the experience a fast and fun adventure for the thrill-seeking traveller of any age.Tours depart every hour on the hour from 10 to 6 every day.Skiting 24 seats in a grand stand layout so that everyone experiences a great view.The jet boat travels at high speeds in excess of 50 knots. YOUR SAFETY IS PARAMOUNT All passenger attend a safety briefing prior to boarding. Buoyancy vests, a full length waterproof poncho and Jet Adventure sunglasses are provided for every passenger to wear. Jet Adventure Boat are built to stringent safety considerations. You may get a little wet. Jet Adventure is the only Jet Boat Company of it's kind operating in the Lebanon.

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