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    1.50% off Parasailing with Jet Adventure Movenpick for only ($99 per hour Instead of $200) .

    2. Print out your voucher once you complete your purchasing, your serial number should match those of the restaurant, so your voucher become valid.

    3.Sundays off.

50% off Parasailing with Jet Adventure Movenpick for only ($99 per hour Instead of $200) You can flap your arms all you want but they will never lead to flight. Get your head into the clouds and fan out for parasailing for three people from JET ADVENTURE. Take off to the sky and get a new perspective of the Lebanese coastline.You three will be secured in a harness and towed behind a boat. Located in Movenpick Hotel & Resort Beirut, at the Raoucheh in the heart of Beirut,Jet Adventure Sports Center is the ideal Resort for your sport, fun and education, providing all sea related services and water sports activities and we mean “ALL”. Our customers and club members will enjoy a relaxing yet dynamic atmosphere at the center where you will be assisted by professional Sports Coordinators, dedicated to satisfy your desires while focusing primarily on safety,all in the spirit of education and fun. At Jet Adventure we are available to advise you on how to maximize your enjoyment, be it your desire to refresh a water sport skill or learn a new one,as well as our field trips discovering Lebanon.Whether you are looking for a Yacht Charter, a water sport activity, a relaxing day,or a sunset boat trip, you have come to the right place.Jet Adventure Sports Center.

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