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Advertise With Us

Advertise With Us

  • Online advertising is featured within iGrab.me website. Advertisers who want to advertise must ensure their ads meet the iGrab.me's principles for advertising. Advertising generates revenue that helps support the Association’s ability to provide high-quality information.

  • For information, ad rates, and inquiries about advertising on the iGrab.me’s website, please Contact-us.

  • Advertising information and policies:

    • Format
      • Ads on the iGrab.me website conform with standard sizes. We accept ads that appear in the main header navigation (Rectangle). Along with paid ads, iGrab.me house ads are placed on the site to help promote various iGrab.me services and products.

    • Audience
      • Ads appearing on the iGrab.me website are directed toward anyone. Some pages on the website have been identified as not appropriate for commercial ads. On those pages we feature only "iGrab.me house ads" that promote iGrab.me products and services.
      • No competitive advertisements directed to users will be accepted on the iGrab.me website nor the ones that conflicts with iGrab.me spirit.

    • Privacy
      • Online advertisements on the iGrab.me’s website do not collect personally identifiable information about individual visitors. The iGrab.me does collect non critical aggregate data on visitors, such as time of day and web browser type.
        Such information may be shared with advertisers to determine their advertising effectiveness.
      • Please visit our Disclaimer for more information.

    • Advertisers
      • The iGrab.me websites may contain advertisements of third parties. The inclusion of advertisements on the iGrab.me websites does not imply endorsement of the advertised products or services by iGrab.me.
      • iGrab.me shall not be responsible for any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of the presence of such advertisements on the iGrab.me websites.
      • Further, iGrab.me shall not be responsible or liable for the statements or conduct of any third party advertisers appearing on the iGrab.me websites. You shall be solely responsible for any correspondence or transactions you have with any third party advertisers.
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